Scientific Comittee

The Scientific Committee brings together representatives of our partners and other scientific organizations and advises the Executive Director of the NLHPC, Ginés Guerrero (CMM – UChile).

  • Jaime San Martín (CMM – UChile) Mathematics – Scientific Comittee Director
  • Servet Martínez (CMM – UChile) National Award (Mathematics)
  • Tomás Pérez-Acle (Fundación Ciencia para la Vida) Biotechnology
  • René Garreaud (DGF – UCHILE) Geophysics
  • Diego Urrutia (UCN) Computer Sciences
  • Mauricio Marín (USACH) Computer Science
  • Claudio Torres López (USM) Computer Science
  • Sergio Guiñez-Molinos (UTalca) Grid Computing
  • José Palacios (REUNA) Advanced networks
  • Chris Smith (AURA) Astronomy
  • Cristian Ruz Ruz (PUC) Computer Sciences
  • Andrés Ávila (UFRO) Mathematics
  • Franz Bauer (UC) Astrophysics


The SSC will meet at least twice a year to:

  • Advisory for NLPHC strategic planning
  • Advice on priorities for the use of NLHPC infrastructure
  • Analyze performance accountability