Our services are designed to offer support to the complete life cycle of investigation and innovation based on HPC.

Supercomputing Time and Storage Capacity

Access to TFlops of supercomputing capacity and TBytes of massive storage to execute the processes that consume much time in a fraction of the normal time it would take.

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Advanced Training

We offer advanced training on HPC technology through industrial and academic activities such as workshops, seminars and courses.

Consulting Services

Do you have any requirements of acceleration of your massive information processes?
Are you looking for a novel way to innovate in your business?

Technologies based on HPC can be the solution. Let us help you discover the power of HPC.

Integration of Solutions

To overcome a complex problem requires the conveyance of complex solutions. Alongside the CMM, we offer solutions based on advanced mathematical models using HPC tools to satisfy your most sophisticated needs.

Becoming a member of the NLHPC for research activities

Are you interested in getting access to the NLHPC infrastructure but you are not affiliated to any of the Associate Institutions?

No problem, institutional and personal subscriptions are available through the payment of an annual fee.

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