Services for the Academy

Chilean academics and scientists all across the country are entitled to access free of charge to compute time and massive storage capacities.  

Currently, our  HPC infrastructure is composed by the clusters Levque and Leftraru. Levque is a 528 cores based on Xeon-Nehalem cluster with distributed memory, Infiniband QDR interconnection and Lustre archive system and Leftraru , which consists of 128 HP SL230 compute nodes plus four HP SL250, 2640 Intel Ivy Bridge E5-2660V2 cores, 12 Xeon Phi 5110p, 5.4 TB RAM, Infiniband FDR a 56Gbits/s interconnection and 274TB high performance storage offered byDDN (EXAScaler).

Due to a high demand for HPC in the Chilean Academic community, we can only grant 120 cores per user and a maximum storage capacity of 80 GB per user, for the period of six months which are renewable. Should you need more computing power and/or more storage capacity, please contact us.

Requesting an Academic Account at the NLHPC 

Follow these simple steps for requesting an academic account:

In order to request an academic account users must fill out online the Account Request for the Use of the NLHPC Infrastructure form. To do so, first of all users must thoroughly read and understand the PAU (Access and Use policies of the National Laboratory for High Performance Computing (NLHPC) document in which the users rights and duties are explicitly defined. When completing the requested details, users accept explicitly their rights and duties. Please take into special consideration the data storage and conformity policies.

Use of the NLHPC Infrastructure Account Request Form

Use of the NLHPC Infrastructure Account Request Form

As requested by  CONICYT, the NLHPC has implemented a mechanism of access based on Merit for to control the use of the NLHPC infrastructure. According to this mechanism, all researchers will be able to request access to the NLHPC infrastructure by completing the details in section “Abstract” of the research to be developed. The  NLHPC executive committee will evaluate this abstract in such a way to guarantee access to the NLHPC infrastructure. Please take the following recommendations into account when redacting the abstract.

What should I include in the Abstract section?
  • Brief description of the research in progress.
  • Is this project part of a basic/applied research program?
  • General aims and/or expected results.
  • How the use the NLHPC infrastructure will help your research?
  • Is this project part of a national/international collaborative effort?
  • What are the main financing sources for your project?
Requested resources:

In order to efficiently manage the NLHPC resources, is paramount that our users request only the exact number of resources needed during their investigation. For this reason, it is expected that the reserved resources are fully used within the requested timeframe.

Should you need technical assistance once your account is activated contact us at

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Renewing an expired account