The Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) and the Center for Advanzed Research on Education (CIAE) are currently developing the MORE project- Modeling of Educational Resources, initiative oriented to serve as a planning tool for the localisation of schools and structuration of the public educational offer. The project counts with financing by CORFO through the Validation and Packing of Innovations based on I+D program. Its main goal is to create models that optimise the assignment of resources in the public education system, to thus confront the evolution of the exigencies of the improvement of quality. The latter, supposing that the disaggregated demand by geographical zone is known, is improved to generate an offer, (existing establishments or potential locations), in the scope between five and ten years. Later, work will be done to pack the developed schemes, integrate them with a SIG and improve the algorithms to make them scalable to bigger size cases.

In this context, on may the 11th a meeting was held, where the CMM, CIAE and U-Planner gave presentations associated to the project; which are available online here

Desarrollando el proyecto MORE- Modelamiento de Recursos Educacionales
Above, Jorge Amaya (CMM), Patricio Rodriguez and Juan Pablo Valenzuela (CIAE) and Juan Pablo Mena (U-Planner)